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Secret Free Invite Link - nutang.com

For those of you not familiar with NuTang, it's just a free weblog community/service like LJ. However, it has many more features, such as its revenue-sharing program (where members make money just for maintaining an active account). (Check out this blog - http://thezebra.nutang.com .. she's already made ~$55.)

Anyway, the service is on an invite-basis only. However, you can now get free invites through this secret link:
Once that page loads, click "Join!" on the top of the page. I believe there will only ba limited number of free invite codes given out through this link.

I'm a real big fan of NuTang and have been promoting for a long time. You get unlimited entries, unlimited photos, 100% customizability, forums, and so forth. Plus, it has a very tightly-knit community feel.
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